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Written by Cecilia Chee, Singapore   
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 16:36


Advantages for WH Users

For Management: WH can help management to access an instant picture of

How much inventory exists in the warehouse

* How many orders are currently being shipped

What are the stages of processing of pending orders

* Staff productivity details

Goods shipped by the warehouse over any given period of time.

The warehouse management can determine how much inventory exists in the various stages of processing unlike in non-automated warehouse management.

Sales people can determine how much inventory is available and can relate better to the warehouse staff thus bettering their Customer Relationship levels. Customer Managers can reserve inventory for a customer thereby ensuring that it will not be shipped to anyone else. Inventory Managers can track transactions at a very fine detail to diagnose unexpected sudden changes in inventory. For example, if we had thousands of pieces of some SKU yesterday and today we don't have any, then where did they go? Were they shipped to some other customer? Were they sent to some other warehouse of the company to be shipped from there? Or did they get lost or were picked away? WH helps answering such problems. The reports generated during checking processes enable policy decision to be taken about the reliability of the suppliers. WH is designed to be flexible i.e., the process flow of the DC/Warehouse can now be modified easily as business needs change.

For Warehouse Supervisors: Productivity reports for each operator can now be generated and used to implement productivity based remuneration schemes or to fire unproductive employees. For those warehouses that have to cope up with Union problems these reports can help the company tremendously. Efficient tracking of warehouses activities are possible with WH as it provides a comprehensive set of web-enabled reports detailing all the activities happening in the warehouse and their effect on the inventory management. WH also helps to detect bottlenecks in operations, which can increase the overall throughput of the warehouse.

For Warehouse Operators: WH provides graphical user interfaces (GUIs) wherein most of the time the operator has to just scans the barcodes. Default navigation of cursor on the screen mimics the standard business rule. Thus WH eases the operator's task and makes the data input process fast, increasing the overall efficiency of the operator. Some programs like Locating and Pulling are especially designed to run on hand-held radio frequency terminals. These terminals make the task of pickers and locators easy, as these are easy to carry. Modern WH programs have been coded with extra emphasis on scanner based data input to minimize the need for keyboard or mouse input.

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