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Friday, 22 June 2012 11:59


Training System Development


                The Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training system is currently facing challenges in the provision of opportunities and diverse training pathways in order to accommodate the increasing number of school-leavers, as well as existing out-of-school youths. TEVETA, through its Training Systems Development Unit, attempts to Develop and promote training systems and innovations that contribute to increased access and participation in technical education, vocation and entrepreneurship training (TEVET).

TEVET is currently based on four modes of delivery namely:

  • institutional based training system;
  • workplace based training system;
  • dual based training system; and
  • Open and Distance training.
  • Training Institution based training system

                This mode of training delivery refers to all forms of training conducted within an institution, without necessarily having to expose learners to practical experiences at work places.

Employment / Workplace Based Training System

                In employment / workplace based training system, the learner accumulates knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function in a given trade or occupation. All learning takes place at the work place.

Dual Based Training System / TEVET Learnership scheme

                The dual based system refers to a mode of training that requires a trainee enrolled in an institution to have part of the training at a work place or where an apprentice is required to have part of the training in an institution. For guidelines for training institutions on how to start and implement a TEVET Learnership click here. For guidelines to employers on how to start and implement a TEVET learnsership click here. To down load a TEVET Learnership agreement form, click here

Open and Distance Training

                Open and Distance (e) training refers to a system where the trainee follows a course of instruction and tutorials by correspondence, broadcasts, telephone or other electronic and print media. This approach aims at serving learners of diverse needs. The limits for participation will lie within the stated entry qualification to each course level. To download a guide to implementation of Distance Vocational Training click here

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