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Thursday, 21 June 2012 16:59


Time Attendance System


The Time Attendance System (TAS) has been developed in accordance with the existing standard decisions, and the client is provided with the program source code. This kind of approach is related to the frequent necessity of adjusting TAS to meet the requirements of a specific customer.

The popular combination Apache-MySQL-PHP serves as the software platform. Therefore, TAS presents a certain database under the control of the DBMS MySQL and a part of the Apache server software. The whole TAS program software code has been written using the special-purpose language PHP for the creation of the web-applications and contains the built-in access to MySQL. It should be noted that TAS is a platform independent solution, as the Apache-MySQL-PHP set is applicable to computers of various types, and under the control of popular operating systems such as: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X.

The interaction with TAS is realized via the browser of any computer or mobile device having access to the Internet. The data input or data modification, as for any similar web-applications, is performed by the filling-in of various web-forms, and obtaining the required information is accomplished by reading the respective webpage, generated by TAS in response to the user’s request (see the examples below.)

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