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Written by Cecilia Chee, Singapore   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 13:25



System Builder Overview


The System Builder allows you to take previously made snapshots of the operating systems and use them to restore or modify the account and file system security of any system. With this program you can recreate or refresh users, groups, shares, home directories and ACLs on your NTFS file systems.

If you've ever lost shares, needed to recreate users with their passwords, or reset the ACLs on a disk after making a mistake with permissions, this is the tool to bring your systems back to a normal state. This tool is great for moving shares between systems, combining domains from different companies, and repairing corrupted domains.

Because everything having to do with accounts and security is in a form that can easily be modified, the scope of your work with this product is virtually unlimited.

Customers typically use this program to:

- Consolidate multiple domains (merge servers and account databases).

- Reconfigure/rebuild domains that have become corrupted or need to be regenerated according to new standards.

- Restore users, groups, and shares that may have been damaged/deleted by mistake.

- Analyze the consistency of accounts and force all accounts to use the same policies with regard to home directories, scripts, profiles, and passwords.

- Transport ACLs from one server to another; even between different domains.

Operations are carried out on a server-by-server basis. Based on the types of changes you make to a specific type of server, the scope of the changes may be domain wide, or apply just to that server.

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