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Written by Cecilia Chee, Singapore   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 13:16



System Builder was started in a garden shed in South Africa in 1982. The popularity of the Pick database system, combined with a lack of a good development framework led them to develop a standardised menu and screen building tool.

The System Builder Software was incorporated in in the early 1980's. The product was very successful and after expanding into international markets and after a few versions they began to re-develop the product from the ground up. This was to become SB+ and was released in early 1990.

Traditionally, up to this time, Pick systems were accessed using dumb green-screen terminals but with the rise of the PC a new paradigm presented itself and so around the end of 1991 the product was enhanced with the addition of a specialised terminal emulation client called Termulator!. This was able to tightly integrate the server and the PC to allow for facilities like downloads direct.

Shortly after, the client program was renamed SBClient and the ability to render the server 'green-screens' as client GUI screens was added with a clever set of driver interpreters. Unfortunately, even to the present day, the client GUI never lived up to the expectations of the rapidly changing world of the PC desktop. A few staunch supporters of the GUI layer still persist using it for systems but it remains a slow, staid, inflexible, standards-lite, curmudgeon of an interface. (GUI interface as an SOA for release sometime in 2007. Hopefully it will live up to the potential of the concepts underlying the server.)

 the purchase of the entire U2 suite, which includes SystemBuilder.

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