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Written by Cecilia Chee, Singapore   
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 13:29


SixStrategic Business Weapons (SBW)



  1. Reciprocation. When you make a special offer to a customer, he or she often feels some interest in “paying you back.” If you can offer a special monthly report, documentation of orders or can provide some information your customers need, they are often more likely than not to give your company a try.

  2. Commitment and Consistency. People like to work with people who are consistent in what they promise and do. If you provide quality service in a consistent manner, your customers will come to expect that level of service and stay with you as long as you meet your commitment and do what they have come to expect.

    People also do business with those who share their same commitment and values. Your dedication and major focus on the patient, compliance and education could be just the match your customer is looking for.

  3. Social Proof/Validation. We often decide what is good and correct by seeing what others around us are doing and choosing. If other people are acting or behaving in a certain way, we assume that is the correct thing to do.

    At work, we watch what management does and model those actions, if appropriate. This happens most with new employees who come to a company and may not be exactly sure what to do. If you can show a new source at your account that one social worker or administrator believes in your company and product, that may be enough social proof to get them interested in hearing more about what you have to offer.

  4. Liking/Friendship. Many have heard me say this before: People do business with people they like. People more often say “yes” to people they like. They appreciate people they have become familiar with and trust. So frequent sales calls, seeing referral sources at meetings and conferences and the opportunity to have extra-long interactions with these potential customers will help you gain familiarity, trust and possibly some orders.

  5. Authority. Most people were brought up with a respect for authority. Some people are more influenced by authorities than others, but any evidence you can supply that indicates your care plans and operations are recognized as the gold standard could help influence a potential customer.

    Through personal education and training on products you sell and the home care industry as a whole, you can begin to position yourself as an expert and authority. Everyone likes to work with someone who knows what they're doing.

  6. Scarcity. Cialdini reminds us that everyone believes opportunities seem more valuable when there is a scarcity. Having those hard-to-locate items in your store can create a new interest in your company. This is the most difficult trigger to apply to the HME business since you may have many competitors in your area. What you might consider carrying are retail products that are often difficult to locate.

    According to the scarcity principle, the less available something is, the more desirable it is likely to be. It would be great to make others believe that if they are not using your company, they would be losing out on something special.


Everyone is trying to get our attention and influence our buying behaviors. When you read over these weapons of influence, you quickly come to realize that the sales strategies employed by the local computer salesperson or the gym membership director have some of the same triggers that will work with your potential referral sources. While all six of these weapons are valuable, individually they may not all work in your sales efforts. But give them some thought as you begin planning your approach to the next customer.


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