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Written by Cecilia Chee, Singapore   
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 19:44



Importing and Exporting


Artifactory supports import and export of data on two levels: system-level and repository-level.

On the system-level, Artifactory can export and import the whole Artifactory server - configuration, security information, stored data and metadata. The format used is identical to the system backup format. This is useful for manually running backups and for migrating and restoring a complete Artifactory instance (this is an alternative for using database level backup restore).

On the repository-level, Artifactory can export and import repository stored data and metadata. This is useful for moving store data, including its metadata between repositories and for batch population of a repository.

System Import and Export

System import and export can be access through Admin:Import & Export:System

The source/target of the import/export operations are folders (or a zip archives - not recommended) on the Artifactory server itself.
You can use the built-in server-side browsing inside Artifactory to select server-side source/target folders:

alt Import or exporting a big amount of data may take some time to complete. You do not necessarily have to watch the page and wait for the operation to finish - you can instead view the logs to determine when import/export completed (Admin:Advanced:System Logs).

Repositories Import and Export

System import and export can be access through Admin:Import & Export:Repositories

You can either export and import to and from server-side folders (browsable though Artifactory - see above), or import a repository by zipping it and uploading it to Artifactory.

You can also import directly into caches and can even take your local Maven repository and upload it into Artifactory to make all your already-locally-stored artifacts available on the server. You can choose if to import multiple repositories ('All Repositories') or a single one.

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