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Written by Jieb Sukprasertkul   
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 19:02


Three Kinds of Service Center Activities:  Direct, Indirect, and Advocacy

Service-Learning can include service from any of the three levels:


Indirect service

Indirect service includes cleaning up the community,

serving food, building playgrounds for younger children,

raising money for a worthwhile cause.


Direct service

Direct service includes working with or teaching other

people, including teaching classes to younger students

and reading to the elderly.


Advocacy service

Advocacy service includes creating social change

through government or grassroots action.  Students may

work to change laws and regulations or inform politicians

and community members about pertinent issues.


Chavez Service-Learning Direct Service Example:

High school juniors developed a gang prevention assembly for their local feeder middle school in

South Central Los Angeles.  The non-profit Homeboy Industries trained youth on gang prevention

strategies and techniques.  The students developed skits, pamphlets, collages, surveys, and

hosted speakers and small group discussions to address the realities of gang life and the

alternatives that exist for middle school students to avoid future gang affiliation and involvement.

Chavez Service-Learning Indirect Service Example:

Students K-12 learned about the plight of migrant farm workers and the efforts Cesar E. Chavez

and the UFW have made to bring about better living and working conditions.  They then collected

walk sponsorship monies to participate in the Annual Cesar E. Chavez Walk-a-Thon in Los

Angeles to benefit farm workers and their families.

Chavez Service-Learning Advocacy Service Example:

High school students in Oakland, California petitioned their local City Council to develop a run

Down, vacant lot in their neighborhood into a park and name it after Cesar E. Chavez.  Students

wrote letters, made classroom and community presentations, spoke at City Councils meetings,

and developed a community-wide awareness campaign to generate support for the development

and dedication of the park.

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