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Written by Jieb Sukprasertkul   
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 17:57


Advantages of Quality Control

Thousands of buyers who don't do quality control have experienced these problems:

  • The shipment cannot be sold at all (too many visual defects, wrong size, dangerous materials...).
  • Products have to be sorted out and re-worked in the importing country, at great cost to the importer.
  • The company's image suffers because of poor quality delivered to customers.

Here are the benefits of regular quality control inspections and lab testing:

  • It pushes the factories to improve the quality level of their workmanship because of the pressure of inspections and non-acceptance.
  • It forces your suppliers to meet your order terms and product requirements, or to compensate you for any discrepancy (exact materials, colors, aspect, packing, functions...).
  • You don't discover quality problems after the goods are delivered.
  • You have the time to adapt your planning and take decisions.
  • The factory can rework the goods itself, and will be more careful in the future.
  • Over the long term, regular inspections and customer feedback contribute to improving your suppliers' reliability.

Most of the time, inspection fees only represent 1-2% of the FOB value of the goods at stake:

cost of inspection resized 600




Disadvantages of quality control


A major problem is that individuals are not necessarily encouraged to take responsibility for the quality of their own work. 

Rejected product is expensive for a firm as it has incurred the full costs of production but cannot be sold as the manufacturer does not want its name associated with substandard product. Some rejected product can be re-worked, but in many industries it has to be scrapped – either way rejects incur more costs, 

A quality control approach can be highly effective at preventing defective products from reaching the customer. However, if defect levels are very high, the company’s profitability will suffer unless steps are taken to tackle the root causes of the failures.

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