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Written by Jieb Sukprasertkul   
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 16:25


Kinds of Quality Control 

Total Quality Control

"Total quality control", also called total quality management, is an approach that extends beyond ordinary statistical quality control techniques and quality improvement methods. It implies a complete overview and re-evaluation of the specification of a product, rather than just considering a more limited set of changeable features within an existing product. If the original specification does not reflect the correct quality requirements, quality cannot be inspected or manufactured into the product. For instance, the design of a pressure vessel should include not only the material and dimensions, but also operating, environmental, safety, reliability and maintainability requirements, and documentation of findings about these requirements.



Analytical quality control

Analytical quality control, commonly shortened to AQC refers to all those processes and procedures designed to ensure that the results of laboratory analysis are consistent, comparable, accurate and within specified limits of precision.

AQC processes are of particular importance in Laboratories analyzing environmental samples where the concentration of chemical species present may be extremely low and close to the detection limit of the analytical method. Very low concentrations of potentially harmful materials in a very large flow of a major river can equate to a considerable environmental load even at concentrations in the parts per billion range.

In well managed laboratories, AQC processes are built into the routine operations of the laboratory often by the random introduction of known standards in to the sample stream or by the use of spiked samples.


Because of the complex inter-relationship between analytical method, sample concentration, limits of detection and method precision, the management of AQC is undertaken using a statistical approach to determine whether the results obtained lie within an acceptable statistical envelope.

Inter laboratory calibration

In circumstances where more than laboratory are analysing samples and feeding data into a large programme of work such as theHarmonised monitoring scheme in the UK, AQC can also be applied to validate one laboratory against another. In such cases the work may be referred to as inter laboratory calibration


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