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Thursday, 21 June 2012 10:43


Finding Purchase Orders


Use the Find Purchase Orders window to:

·         Access the Purchase Orders window.

·         Access the Releases window.

·         Perform purchase order inquiries at header, line, shipment, and distribution levels

Depending on the function security assigned to your responsibility, you have varying levels of access to information. A responsibility defines an application user's current privileges while working with Oracle Applications.

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   To enter search criteria:

1.Navigate to the Find Purchase Orders window by selecting Purchase Order Summary from the menu. Enter desired search criteria as described in the following steps.

2.Enter the purchase order number. If you enter a purchase order number, you can also enter a Release, Line, and/or Shipment number for the purchase order.

3.Select the View Releases check box to include all associated releases for blanket purchase agreements and planned purchase orders. Purchasing automatically selects this check box if you specify selection criteria for which it would be required (for example, if you select Scheduled Releases as the purchase order Type). This check box is not available when inappropriate (for example, if you select Standard PO as the purchase order Type).

4.Select the purchase order Type (Standard purchase order, Blanket purchase agreement, Planned purchase order, Contract purchase agreement, Blanket Release, or Scheduled Release.

5.Enter the Currency.

6.Enter the Supplier. If you enter a supplier, you can also enter a supplier Site.

7.Enter the Ship To Organization.

8.Enter the Ship To location.

9.Enter the Bill To location.

10.Enter the Buyer.

11.Enter the Line Type.

12.Use the alternative regions to further restrict the search:

·         In the Item region, you can enter the following search criteria: Item number, Revision number, Category, item Description, and Supplier Item Number.

·         In the Date Ranges region, you can enter date ranges for the following dates: Order, Approved, Promised, Need By, and Closed.

·         In the Status region, you can limit the search by:

·         Order Approval status (Approved, In Process, Incomplete, Pre-Approved, Rejected, or Requires Reapproval)

·         Control status (Open, Closed, Finally Closed, Closed for Invoicing, Closed for Receiving, or Cancelled)

·         Hold status (Yes or No)

·         Frozen status (Yes or No)

·         Firmed status (Yes or No)

·         In the Related Documents region, you can limit the search by Supplier Quote number, Quote number, Quote Line number, Requisition number, Receipt number, Contract number, Invoice number, and Paper Requisition number.

·         In the Deliver To region, you can limit the search by destination Type (Expense, Inventory, Shop Floor), Deliver To Person, Organization, Location, and Subinventory.

·         In the Accounting region, you can limit the search by Period, GL Date, Charge Account, Budget Account, and whether there are Active Encumbrances (Yes or No).

13.Select the Results summary window (Headers, Lines, Shipments, or Distributions). Depending on the search criteria you have specified, all summary windows may not be available. For example, if you specify criteria in the Accounting region, only the Purchase Order Distributions summary window is available.

14.Select the Find button to initiate the search and open the appropriate summary window.

   To clear existing search criteria:

·         Select the Clear button to clear any existing search criteria.

   To enter a new release:

·         Select the New Release button to open the Releases window. See: Entering Release Headers.

   To enter a new purchase order:

·         Select the New PO button to open the Purchase Orders window. See: Entering Purchase Order Headers.

   To enter purchase order preferences:

·         Select Preferences on the Special menu to open the Purchase Order Preferences window. See: Entering Purchase Order Preferences.

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