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Written by Angela Tan, Taiwan   
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 18:16



As retailers weigh their point of sale options, many are finding that web-based POS software is meeting or exceeding their needs and offering an optimal return on investment.

To help you decide if web-based POS is right for you, the following are 10 benefits of web-based POS systems.

#1 – Faster, Easier Software Installation

POS product installation is often filled with aggravation and priceless hours on the phone with customer support. The good news is that this won’t likely happen with web-based POS software. Web-based software is hosted. This means that all software is supported and maintained on the provider’s end. There is next to nothing to install on your computer.

#2 – Less Money Spent on IT

With web-based systems, your host is responsible for all IT tasks including the often monotonous nightly backups, software upgrades, and re-configurations. This not only saves you potential headaches, but it frees up your valuable time. Time you can better spend doing and making sales.

#3 – Less Money Spent on Computer Hardware

Another benefit, particularly for the non-technical, is that web-based software has extremely low hardware requirements. POS computer systems can run on basic and often inexpensive computers. In fact, all you really need is a computer that can access the internet.

The hardware requirements are so low because all the processing is completed on the host’s server and not your store workstation. Moreover, if you already own a computer you may not need to replace it, which will save you valuable cash.

You can also save money because you don’t need to pay for back up software, back up drives, cartridges, or even a server. This can equate to a savings of several thousand dollars!

#4 – Better Cash Flow

With most standard POS computer systems you are required to pay for the package, hardware and software, up front, which can drain your cash flow. The exception to this would be if you lease a POS system. However, with web-based point of sale, costs are normally based on a monthly fee or subscription. This subscription commonly includes software updates, maintenance, and technical support. This “pay as you go” monthly fee can free up valuable cash flow.

#5 – Real Time Information for Multi Store Solutions

Web-based POS usually eliminates the task of polling. Whether you have 1 store or 100 stores, up to the second information is available at any time. Additionally, because it is web-based software, you can access your sales numbers, customer information, inventory and much more information from any store.

#6 – Improved Inventory Control

In a multi-location environment, inventory costs can be significantly reduced because real time tracking can prevent over or under buying and it allows you to have access to on-hand, in-transit, and on-order items. This instant access to information means that store owners are able to control inventories for all stores from one location and they can control them much closer.

Web-based inventory tracking eliminates the potential to order too much or too little. To make ordering even easier, purchase orders can be produced and deliveries arranged at one location for all stores. Instant access to inventory and sales numbers can also significantly reduce retail loss prevention.

#7 – Easier In-Store Operations and Customer Service

Information about purchases at other stores allows easier returns and exchanges at any location and makes for better in-store operations and potentially happier customers due to faster and more efficient transactions. Gift Cards, usually a problem with multi store operations, now become easy to use at any location and the information easy to track.

Real time tracking also has a major customer service advantage over traditional POS systems. Gift cards, returns and exchanges can all be handled at any store location rather than just the store it was purchased at and they can do it 2 minutes, 2 days, or 2 months later. The system already has their information available at all stores so there aren’t any verification issues.

#8 – Improved Sales

Web-based software gives sales associates immediate access to customer information at other stores. This information can give valuable insight and data regarding a customer’s preferences and purchase history. This knowledge enables sales associates to provide excellent customer service and greatly increases cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Additionally, in a multi-store operation, if a customer is interested in an item that is out of stock, sales associates can easily find the item at another store location and have the item placed on hold or shipped immediately to the customer, all within minutes as the customer is standing right there.

#9 – Off-Site Access

Web-based POS allows you and your associates to access your company information from anywhere there is an internet connection. You will be able to access your sales from your sofa or update pricing from your favorite coffee shop.

Additionally, off-site access to your store information means that selling at trade shows, conferences or on-site with a potential customer becomes as easy as opening your laptop and getting online. Imagine the increase in your company’s visibility, and your bottom line, when you’re able to sell products easily and efficiently from anywhere.

#10 – Eliminates Workstation and Operating System Concerns

Some people are die-hard MAC users and others prefer a PC. With web-based software, you don’t have to switch. ASP, or web-based, software gives you and your business more flexibility because it allows you to use almost any type of computer.

This also means that no matter where you are or whose computer you’re using, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues!

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