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Written by Angela Tan, Taiwan   
Friday, 30 September 2011 12:55



The Advantages of Personal System





o    The World Wide Web, which is primarily accessed through personal computers, allows more people to read, learn and locate information online: The same kind of information is instantly available to everyone in the world.


o    Because editing tools have become so inexpensive and easy to use, ordinary people can write and format their own documents, film and edit videos, create and color graphics, record and transform audio, and package all the pieces into multimedia offerings.


o    Personal computers allow anyone to bypass traditional channels and distribute their own writings, photographs, music and video to an audience of millions.


o    With a personal computer, anyone can monitor the status of health hazards and outbreaks, while scientists and doctors can use collaborative tools to share research over the Internet.


The personal computer can strengthen democracy by allowing citizens to bypass government controls and reveal their versions of the truth to other like-minded parties around the world.

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