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Written by Cecilia Chee, Singapore   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 12:09



How to write Personal General Ledger 


In ledger we maintain accounts. Each account is allotted one or more pages depending upon the requirement. Ledger is usually ruled in anyone of the following two alternatives. First alternative is followed in those cases where balance is required to be ascertained after every transaction e.g. Banks.

Second alternative is followed in those cases where balance is required to be ascertained only periodically, say after a month or quarterly. In your study of book-keeping and accountancy T- shape accounts will be used (alternative-two).

The transactions are entered in the ledger accounts in order of dates. Every entry must be dated which must be shown in the column meant for date. This is the first column on the left of each side of the account.

Record the relevant amount on the left-hand side of the account which, according to the journal is to be debited and record the amount on the right-hand side of the account which, as per journal, is to be credited (use 'amount columns' for this purpose). In ledger account each entry on the debit (left-hand) side commences with the word "To" and one the credit (right- hand) side with the word "By". In the 'particulars column' reference is made to the other account involved for providing cross reference. In the 'folio column' would be entered the page of the journal (or page of the relevant sub-divided journal) from which entry has been posted and in the folio column of journal, the page number of the ledger is written on which the relevant account appears.

Following the above procedure of recording the entries in the ledger will in fact amount to this The account receiving the benefit in shape of cash or goods will receive the debits and the account imparting i.e. giving away the benefit will receive the credits

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