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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 13:42


Personal General Ledger (PGL)




Personal General Ledger
For the month of…………200……….


Name of the factory
With address and

EC Code No.


Date and SL.No. of entry Particulars of credit/debit DocumentDescription of documents with name of treasury where necessary No. Date Central excise Tariff Sub-heading number EC codeof the buyer BasicCredit ExciseDebit DutyBalance Credit Debit Balance












Cess on Commodities]      Miscellaneous
Credit Debit Balance Credit Debit Balance Credit Debit Balance Credit Debit Balance

Signature of
he Assessee
or his agent



  1. This account should be prepared in triplicate using indelible pencil and double sided carbon. The original and duplicate copies should be detached and sent to the Central Excise Officer- Incharge alongwith the R.T. 12 Return.
  2. Columns 7 to 9 of the Form have been left blank to be used for showing the appropriate type of duty and the duty credited and debited there against.
  3. No. and date of invoice against which debit is raised in this account should be shown in Col. 3.
  4. Where single invoice covers goods falling under different sub-heading, separate entries shall be made for each of such sub-heading.
  5. Where consolidated debit entry is permitted to be made at the end of the day, separate entries shall be made for each sub-heading.
  6. Assessee may exclude from their Accounts those of the Columns 7 to 11 which are inapplicable.
  7. The closing balance in the last month’s PGL should be brought and shown in the column for credit against the entry “balance BF”. Which should be verified by the C.A.O. with the closing balance in the last month’s PGL.


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