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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 15:32


How to modify a GL Account?


Click the 'Accounting' menu bar selection and choose the 'Manage GL accounts' to open the 'GL window'.



The 'Manage GL account' window is shown in the slide below.



Next select the GL account from the list you wish to modify.  In the above slide, the GL account, '4700, Expenses, Computer Services/Internet/Hosting' is selected.  The selected row is highlighted in yellow.  The account details appear in the 'Account Details' tab.

You can also search for a GL account from the list.  A search can be done by GL account Name or Number.  The name or number can be partially entered or fully, it is up to you.

Below is an illustration of the same GL account being search.  The user has entered the partial name, 'computer.'  The result of this search has two GL accounts.  



Select the GL account you wish to modify from your search.  The details of the selected GL account is displayed in the lower tab.

Note.  Although most details of the GL account can be modified, the 'GL account Number' cannot be modified at all.  It is important to enter the correct 'GL account Number' the first time.

The next step to modify the details in the account is to click the field you want to change.

In this case the user wants to change the GL account Name to read, 'Internet provider.'  Click the 'GL Account Name' field.  The curser appears in the field.

The user back spaces over the undesirable words.  Next enter the new name.



If there are more modifications to the GL account you may do them at this time. Click the 'Save' button to complete the modification to the GL account.

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