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Written by Angela Tan, Taiwan   
Saturday, 01 October 2011 12:38

The Law of Agreement



A lot of people nowadays are talking about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing, however there is another Law which also begins with the letter A that is just as important - and yet, we in the Intenders are among the very few who are even talking about it. It's called the Law of Agreement and, simply put, the Law of Agreement says,agreement reinforces reality. Said another way, your agreement with any belief or idea makes it stronger. 

We can easily see how this works by looking at an example. If, for instance, one person believes it's a good idea for all of us to go jump off of a cliff, well, then it's not very likely to happen. If, however, 100 people agree that it's a good idea to jump off a cliff, then the idea gets a little stronger. Taken a step further, if, enough people - say, 100,000 people - agree that cliff jumping is a great idea, pretty soon we're all standing in line at the edge of the cliff waiting our turn to jump. 

It gets even more interesting when we stop to consider that every belief system we have exists only because we agree on it. Indeed, our agreements are the building blocks of our realities; they are the very foundation upon which our beliefs are built. Not one belief, large or small, would exist for long without our agreement to it . . .

Put still another way, your agreement is your point of power, and you can add to or weaken any idea or commonly held belief simply by making a choice. We have with us, in each moment of our lives, the ability to discern - to decide whether something is working for us or not - and to choose to agree with it and make it stronger, or to say, "Hey, I don't think it's such a good idea for us to jump over that cliff. In fact, cliff jumping never really got us anywhere in the past and it doesn't look remotely like it's going to give us the results we're looking for in the future. I think I'll pass!" 



When we work with someone, take a job with a large organization, get married, buy someone’s product, or go out for the evening with a friend, it involves coordinating with him or her. Sometimes we craft long and detailed agreements with other people, such as professional sports contracts, business partnerships or executive compensation agreements. People hire high powered lawyers to conjure up all the things that might go wrong, and all the contingencies the future might bring. They do their best to protect us from the “what ifs” – what if this goes wrong, or what if that goes wrong. They try to make explicit all that they know. Unfortunately, what often happens in the name of protection is that they foster an adversarial relationship. That is the opposite of what a new venture needs.

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