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Accounts Payable Procedures

Receiving Procedures

  • Once merchandise is received, immediately review the purchase order to determine if it is complete and if it requires an equipment number.
  • If a PO is incomplete, and the department chooses to pay the invoice,mark the items received and indicate the quantity of those items. Make a photocopy of the Accounting Copy of the PO and sign and date the copy, then forward it to Accounts Payable with the invoice.
  • If a PO is complete, sign and date the Accounting copy of the PO and forward to Accounts Payable with the invoice.
  • If the PO contains equipment, please contact Beverly Lindsey to acquire and inventory number for the item(s). Record the equipment inventory number on the Acounting copy of the PO and forward to Accounts Payable with the invoice.

Overpayment of Purchase Order Items

The Accounts Payable Department is authorized to overpay a purchase order item with department head approval of an invoice if:

  • Budget is sufficient 
  • The overpayment is equal to or less than 10% of the original amount or $100, whichever is less, and does not violate any purchasing limits. 
  • Overpayments that exceed budgets or are more than the above limits must follow the same authorization as the original requisition through purchasing. 

Check Writing Cut Offs 

  • Accounts Payable checks are currently written on Wednesday and Friday, and are usually mailed the same day, or on the next working day. 
  • Approved travel reimbursement requests will be paid to employees on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month, unless we have a problem and need to talk with the Department. 
  • Approved purchase orders and requisitions will be paid with 45 days of receipt of invoice in accordance with State Procurement law.                                                                                         
  • Please note these cut offs help us make timely payments to you and all our other vendors.



Accounts Payable Key Performance Indicators

You can't move what you can't measure, and using reliable and regular metrics will show how your initiatives are changing your business performance.

Consider tracking the following:

  • Purchase Orders and Mandates

  • Accounts Payable Cycle Efficiency - process times

  • Exceptional / Unauthorised Expenditures

As well as the usual:

  • Payables Days

  • Bills on Time

  • Free credit available

Accounts Payable Procedures - Process Flow

If you want an effective process, then everyone involved with it has to know how it works, and what to do. Here is an example of an accounts payable process flow chart


accounts payable procedures

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